Election 2020

What Religion is a Libertarian? Party Wants to Find Out

The Druid Order celebrates the Autumn Equinox on Sept. 22, 2017, at the top of Primrose Hill in North London. (Claire Doherty/Sipa via AP Images)

The Libertarian Party prides itself in defending freedom of religion, and now it’s curious to see just what religious groups make up the electorate describing itself as libertarian.

The party opened an online poll to get a feel of their faith makeup, in the spirit of the holiday season. In additional to denominations of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikh, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, etc., Wiccan, Druid and Pagan are included among the choices.

“We have freedom of religion in the United States and more than 100 religions flourishing. Religious groups aren’t at war with each other inside America. People see that freedom of religion works,” said executive director Wes Benedict in an email inviting party supporters to share their beliefs.

“In religion, as in all things, Libertarians are a diverse group. I think this is one of the great beauties of Libertarianism. We have devout Christians working side-by-side with staunch atheists working side-by-side with Jews and Muslims and pagans and people of every other religious conviction,” he added.

“Obviously, these religious groups disagree on many things. But, as Libertarians, we all fundamentally respect each other’s rights to worship and live our lives as we choose and to make sure the government stays out of it.”

Benedict added that “smaller government enables diverse religious groups to coexist peacefully and respectfully,” and is “curious about how the religious makeup of the Libertarian Party compares to that of Americans in general.”

Two years ago, Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark courted Muslim Republicans who were offended by then candidate Donald Trump, telling them in an open letter that “if you have not previously considered the Libertarian Party, I encourage you to do so now.”

“Freedom of religion is one of our most sacred American values, protected by our Constitution. Never should someone be disparaged, profiled, or have their rights infringed upon because of their religious faith. Republicans like to talk a good game about our Constitution but, clearly, many are making an exception when it comes to religious liberty. This is quite sad and it is this kind of double standard that has caused so many liberty-loving people to leave the Republican Party and find a better home in the Libertarian Party,” Sarwark wrote.

He pitched the party as “an extremely diverse group of people who are passionate about liberty… about all rights, of all people, all the time. We do not denigrate or disparage any group.”

“We respect the humanity of all people and their rights to make their own decisions about their lives,” the chairman added. “Simply put: Libertarianism is the idea that every person has the right to pursue happiness in any way they wish as long as it doesn’t hurt people or take their stuff.”