Election 2020

House Dem Leader: 'Not a Single Reverberation' from Hillary's Health in Caucus Meeting

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON — House Democratic leaders insisted that Hillary Clinton’s health was not brought up at all in a morning caucus meeting on Capitol Hill.

House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), who was standing near Clinton at Sunday’s 9/11 remembrance when she felt unwell and left early, was asked after the closed-door meeting if there was any “chatter” inside about Clinton’s issues.

“None whatsoever at the meeting this morning,” Crowley told reporters. “I chaired the meeting, as the chairman allowed for this morning, and the chairman [Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.)] was there this morning. He allowed me to chair the meeting. There was not a single question, not a single reverberation at all this morning.”

“I think people understand that Hillary Clinton, as great a woman as she is, is just that, a human being, a woman. She’s not a demigod. She’s susceptible to the same things we all are, to the cold, to a cold, to the flu, to pneumonia, to any, various number of things that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis,” he added.

Crowley further called it “remarkable that she knew she had pneumonia, and that she still got up on Sunday morning to be at the site of 9/11 for the victims’ families.”

“And I took pictures of her with family members. So I stood right next to her. I knew exactly — she was very cognizant and aware of what was going on. That wasn’t the first time she’s been to the memorial site. I was with her five years ago when she was secretary of State,” the congressman continued. “She was there when the memorial opened. That was not her first time to the 9/11 memorial on 9/11. It was not her first time. Not hers. I don’t recall ever seeing her opponent. He’s a hard guy to miss. I don’t recall ever seeing her opponent there.”

Trump was at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday along with Clinton. Video shows him hanging out with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.).

“But she thought it was important enough, despite her own ailment at the time to put that aside, to be there for the victims’ families,” Crowley continued. “That speaks to her remarkable person I think she is.”

Asked if she should have revealed her diagnosis Friday, the vice-chairman replied, “First time I checked, this is not the 1800s, nor the early 1900s. And pneumonia is a very treatable thing.”

“There’s a double standard for Mrs. Clinton and Donald Trump. He doesn’t have to show anything. He can walk right up to the election and show absolutely nothing — can continue to repeat lies. Lie, after lie, after lie. And he’s not held accountable,” Crowley said.

“She has pneumonia. She had pneumonia, or has pneumonia. It’s not as uncommon as you may think. The vice-president indicated he had walking pneumonia last year. He didn’t tell anybody. Should we have — should we have known that the vice-president had walking pneumonia last year? Should we have known it?” he added.

“…I saw both videos of what happened at the 9/11 and then two hours later when she came out of her daughter’s apartment looking very fit, and very up. So she said, she needed a little air, and I was there. Regardless of what the reports may be, stifling is not the word. Stifling, it was incredibly hot.”

Crowley noted that “anyone who was present at that point and place, when you’re on top of each other’s bodies as we are in those situations where people are glomming on to you, including elected officials, it’s remarkable a woman like her, and the schedule that she keeps, is able to do what she’s able to do. I just find it remarkable.”

Trump told Hannity last night that he had “no view” on rumors of rumblings within the DNC about potentially replacing Clinton on the ticket.

“I just hope she gets better and she can get back out… You know, I just don’t want to get involved with it. I hope she’s going to be fine and she’ll continue onward,” Trump said.