Election 2020

Priebus: GOP Now 'Best-Equipped Political Party in American History'

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus receives a standing ovation after speaking at the RNC's Spring Meeting on April 22, 2016, in Hollywood, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told the party’s summer meeting in Cleveland on Wednesday that the GOP is ready for the “home stretch of one of the most important and most historic elections of any of our lifetimes.”

Priebus lauded his operation as “the best-trained and best-equipped political party in American history.”

“In spring 2012 we were parachuting staffers in 6 months before November. This time, we began building a robust ground game in 2013, allowing us to build relationships with voters in battleground states over the course of several years,” he said. “…The work our party has done in building this ground game is unprecedented, and it will live on permanently, so that we can win at all levels, year in and year out.”

“…We have recommitted to being the party of the open door, because we want everyone to experience the blessings of liberty.”

Priebus warned GOPs that “if we don’t stick together as a party and stop her, then the only alternative is to get comfortable with the phrase ‘President Hillary Clinton.’”

“The Clinton Machine is on the warpath against Donald Trump because they’re desperate to hide all the flaws in her own candidacy,” the chairman said after listing many criticisms of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

There was nothing in Priebus’ address promoting Trump the candidate.

“Let’s not lose sight of the stakes of the election. Either we keep traveling down the road of big government failure, or set a new course for an America that is as strong and confident as ever,” he said. “It’s our job to stand united as a party so we can recover opportunity and security for every American.”

“…We know America is an exceptional nation, and we must work together if we want to keep it that way. Now is the time to stand united as Republicans. Now is the time to stop Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump. Now is the time to win up and down the ballot this November.”

The GOP’s platform committee wrapped up its work Tuesday, with chairman Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) calling it “a unique opportunity for us to consider the diverse views for the future held among the millions of Republicans across the country.”