Election 2020

Clinton Camp Celebrates Nearly $70 Million June Fundraising Haul

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported a big June fundraising haul for the former secretary of State, while Donald Trump has not yet reported his estimates for last’s month take.

Clinton raised more than $40.5 million for Hillary for America and $28 million for the DNC and state parties through the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary Action Fund, her campaign said.

Her total throughout this cycle is about $288 million for the campaign and about $90 million for the DNC and state parties.

Going into July, the campaign says it has about $44 million on hand.

“Our first month of general election fundraising proved to be the best of the campaign,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement. “Thanks to the continued support of nearly 1.6 million people, we have been able to help Democrats build out an organizing infrastructure across the country that will mobilize millions of voters and help elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot.”

Official FEC reports won’t be available until mid-month. In the last official round of filings, Hillary ended May with $42,461,785.99 cash on hand.

Trump reported $1,289,507.76 cash on hand at the beginning of June. In his campaign’s end-of-April report, he had $2,408,641.95 cash on hand.

Comparatively, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) had a $7.6 million in his campaign war chest at the end of the same period.

The GOP convention begins in Cleveland on July 18, with the Democratic convention the following week in Philadelphia. PJM will be covering both.

Hillary’s campaign and related PACs have booked $13 million worth of TV ads in the upcoming week. Trump and his allies have reserved zero in ad spending.