Election 2020

Sessions: GOP Must Accept New 'Workers Republican Party'

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Donald Trump’s biggest surrogate in the Senate said that his colleagues need to accept a new “workers’ Republican party” instead of one centered around those in salaried jobs.

In a podcast with Politico, Sessions said he’s “had very little negative pushback” from his colleagues for his early endorsement of Trump.

“I think people in the Senate know that I have believed, for a number of years, and have been outspoken that we need to listen to what the American people are telling us, and we need to focus more on the well-being of people who make lower wages, $50,000 and below,” he said.

Trump “discussed it more clearly” than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Sessions argued.

“He believed that the whole history of trade agreements, most of which I’ve supported over the years, have not been effective, and I’ve come to believe he’s right,” he added.

Sessions predicted that Trump will outperform Mitt Romney with Hispanic and African-American voters, even with an 87 percent disapproval rating among Hispanics that the senator credits to “a reaction by the activist community to attack him.”

“Occasionally he says things that are too strong and upsets people, and I think he’ll work to do better on that,” he said.

Sessions also predicted that “Republicans could create a new majority” if they focus on bringing in “working people” instead of focusing on “the principled people who maybe are on salaried jobs, or CEOs, entrepreneurs, and all of those that are great people.”

“I think the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they won’t remain in office,” he said. “…And Trump, I think, understands it. He has said this is going to be a new Republican Party, a workers’ Republican Party, instead of just the elite Republican Party.”

Trump was asked at his New York press conference on Tuesday if he’d consider Sessions for his vice presidential nominee.

“Jeff Sessions is a fantastic man. Jeff Sessions is one of the most highly respected people in the United States Senate. Jeff Sessions is a person that I believe that Ted Cruz just has the most respect for. And I think Ted thought that he would get an endorsement,” Trump replied.

“You know, Jeff Sessions has never endorsed a presidential candidate before, as many years as he’s been in the Senate. So, you know, I — Jeff Sessions certainly is somebody that I would consider, absolutely. He’s a fantastic person.”