Election 2020

Trump Invited to Tell Congress His 'Secret Plan' for ISIS in Closed Session

(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

A top member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said he’s invited Donald Trump to come give his counterterrorism thoughts to lawmaker in closed session, but so far has been rebuffed by the presumptive GOP nominee.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), one of the most vocal Democratic opponents of the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal and a critic of lax policy against terrorist groups and state sponsors of terror, told CNN this morning that “Trump offers criticism, but doesn’t offer new policy.”

“He implies that… if he’s elected president, he’ll sweep away ISIS right away,” Sherman said. “So I asked him to come bring his secret plan for eliminating ISIS quickly to the Foreign Affairs Committee so that we could hear it in confidential session. We’ve gotten no response.”

“And that’s because he has no plan. His only plan is say something outrageous and upsetting and then walk it back.”

The congressman predicted that Trump’s statements about a Muslim ban would “be a terrible burden on him if he becomes president of the United States.”

“Right now he’s not president. And I don’t think the world believes he’s going to become president. So I think he’s a modest embarrassment to those of us conducting foreign policy around the world, especially our diplomats,” Sherman said. “But I shudder to think what would happen if he became president and he had to go on an apology tour for saying to every one of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world that they can’t enter the United States, even if they are with us as allies fighting our enemies.”

Trump tweeted Friday: “Look where the world is today, a total mess, and ISIS is still running around wild. I can fix it fast, Hillary has no chance!”

Sherman, a Hillary Clinton supporter, noted that “Trump is getting a bounce in the polls because while he may not have united all Republican elites and certainly not a lot of foreign policy experts, he’s uniting Republican voters.”

“That same bump will be available to Hillary Clinton when the race is over. The race isn’t over until there’s a concession. And I don’t expect that to happen until the middle of June. So we have another few weeks where this race is going to be contested. Bernie has every right to contest it. And that’s what he’s decided to do,” he said.

“…I would expect that the Trump campaign will be ugly. It was ugly against his fellow Republicans. And I suspect that it will drive up both his negatives and her negatives even higher than they are now.”