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Wide Kasich Ad Buy Hits at Cruz for New York Values Slam

Wide Kasich Ad Buy Hits at Cruz for New York Values Slam
Ohio Gov. John Kasich eats lunch at Mike's Deli during a campaign stop April 7, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Bryan R. Smith)

Donald Trump isn’t the only one going after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for dissing New York values.

Trump and Cruz sparred over the concept in a January debate, when Cruz was asked to explain what he meant by the pejorative.

Cruz explained that “values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro- gay-marriage, focus around money and the media… not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan. I’m just saying.”

Trump invoked 9/11 in firing back that Cruz “insulted a lot of people.”

“I’ve had more calls on that statement that Ted made — New York is a great place. It’s got great people, it’s got loving people, wonderful people,” Trump said.

Now Cruz is trying to catch up to Trump in the state, where the real-estate tycoon holds a healthy lead in the polls.

Standing between Trump and Cruz in the Real Clear Politics polling average, though, is Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

And Kasich launched an ad today titled “Values,” which will air in 15- and 30-second versions in New York City and Long Island.

“In Iowa, Ted Cruz sneered at our New York values,” says a voiceover before playing Cruz audio over scenes of New York.

“I think most people know what exactly what New York values are. I got to say they’re not Iowa values and they’re not New Hampshire values,” Cruz says in the ad. “Everyone knows what New York values are.”

“Ted Cruz divides to get a vote. John Kasich unites to get things done,” the voiceover continues. “Kasich delivered on his word and turned his state around with grit and determination, something New Yorkers should appreciate.”

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Cruz was campaigning in Brooklyn today, making matzah at the Chabad Neshama Center.

Kasich held a meet-and-greet at Mike’s Deli in the Bronx, followed by an evening townhall with Montel Williams.

Putting his fork-eating pizza episode behind him, Kasich wolfed down two plates of spaghetti, a sandwich, pasta fagioli, and wine at the deli, with cannoli to go.

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