Election 2020

Rubio Nabs First Primary Win

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) waves to supporters at a campaign rally March 1, 2016, in Andover, Minn. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

After addressing supporters in Miami earlier in the evening, after his challengers slammed him for not winning any states, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) picked up his first state on Super Tuesday.

With 88 percent of the caucus votes in, according to the Minnesota Republican Party, Rubio had 36.4 percent of the vote.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) followed with 29 percent, and Donald Trump had 21.4 percent. Ben Carson got 7.3 percent here, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich got 5.7 percent.

Rubio held a rally in Minneapolis earlier in the day, where a main target was Trump University.

“And by the way, he is under investigation for fraud in New York. Today, a judge in New York refused to throwout the case. In fact, a four judge panel said this case moves forward,” Rubio told the crowd.

“So he is under investigation for fraud, but this about more than just about Trump University. That’s a fraud case and it is outrageous. But here is what I realized as I watched that video. What he did to those people is what he is doing to Americans now.”

In Miami, he told the hometown crowd “we are so excited about what lies ahead for our campaign.”

“You see, just five days ago we began to unmask the true nature of the front-runner so far in this race,” the senator said. “Five days ago, we began to explain to the American people that Donald Trump is a con artist.”

“And in just five days, we have seen the impact it is having all across the country. We are seeing in state after state, he loves to talk about polls, we are seeing in state after state his numbers coming down, our numbers going up,” he said. “And two weeks from tonight, right here in Florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear.”

Trump is currently leading Rubio in Florida. The senator lost Virginia to Trump tonight, 34.8 percent to 32 percent with 99.6 percent of precincts reporting. Rubio won the counties extending from Washington, D.C.

Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.), a Rubio supporter, sent out an open letter to Virginia Republicans yesterday urging them to vote for “anybody but Trump.”

“Trump is a bully, unworthy of our nomination.  My love for our country eclipses my loyalty to our party, and to live with a clear conscience I will not support a nominee so lacking in the judgement, temperament and character needed to be our nation’s commander-in-chief.  Accordingly, if left with no alternative, I will not support Trump in the general election should he become our Republican nominee,” said Rigell, a former Marine Corps reservist who represents the district with the highest concentration of military voters in the country.