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Weirdest Poll of 2016 Finds 38% of Floridians Think Cruz Could Be Zodiac Killer

It began as a Twitter joke but has now become a reality for some Florida voters: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is the infamous Zodiac killer.

On the calendar, of course, it’s simply impossible. Cruz was born in 1970. The Zodiac killed at least five people in California’s Bay Area in 1968 and 1969, and is suspected in other crimes beyond that time span.

Yet the meme that Cruz is the Zodiac killer — with adherents to the theory arguing that his mug is similar to the infamous police composite — has swept social media, even influencing Google search when web surfers type the senator’s name.

And it didn’t begin with Campaign 2016, but has been a punchline on social media since soon after his 2012 election.

Public Policy Polling, which stressed that they “have thoroughly polled the conspiracy theories relating to President Obama,” opened the floor to “weird Twitter” to let followers pick a final question — past polling has included whether Olive Garden is authentic Italian — for their latest Florida primary poll.

Zodiac was the winner, and the PPP report was released last night after the GOP debate.

The results? Ten percent of Floridians surveyed said Cruz is the Zodiac; 28 percent answered “not sure.” He’s exonerated of the serial killings in the minds of 62 percent.

The survey sample was 33 percent liberal, 29 percent moderate, and 38 percent conservative.

However, the results weren’t strictly along party lines:



The results were fairly evenly divided among gender and age, though those over age 65 were a bit more likely to give Cruz the benefit of the doubt.

Accused by a Twitter user of unethical push polling, the polling firm replied, “I’m sure if Ted Cruz loses Texas Tuesday it will be bc of the Zodiac Killer poll question to people in Florida.”