Election 2020

Geto Boys Not Happy with Use of Their Song in 'Super Lame' Cruz Ad

The gangsta rap group whose song was parodied by Cruz’s campaign in his newest ad isn’t happy that the Texas senator used it.

Cruz’s camp used the famous fax machine/printer smashing scene from 1999’s Office Space in which the trio of software engineers — Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons, David Herman as Michael Bolton, and Ajay Naidu as Samir Nagheenanajar — take the hated office equipment out to a field and go to work on it with a baseball bat.

In the Cruz ad, an actress playing Hillary Clinton is smashing a computer.

The ad gets the Geto Boys song from the scene wrong: the Cruz ad parodies “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” with “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Clinton.”

That song appeared in a different scene of the movie. In the Office Space fax/printer-destruction scene, the song is “Still”: “Back up in your ass with the resurrection/It’s the group harder than an erection/That shows no affection/They wanna ban us on Capitol Hill/Cause it’s ‘Die muthaf—-s, die muthaf—-s!’ still.”

The Geto Boys launched in Houston in 1986 and became a target of Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center because of their hard-core gangsta lyrics — which, the group now says, gave them publicity that only fueled their success.

Tweeted the Geto Boys today: “We don’t support or his super lame ad using our music.”

The Cruz camp launched the ad a day after it pulled another ad showing a support group of former Marco Rubio supporters.

One of the actresses in the spot, Amy Lindsay, has a body of work that includes many soft-core porn films.

Cruz’s campaign quickly pulled the ad, telling Buzzfeed she was “unfortunately… not vetted by the production company” and “had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad.”

Lindsay, however, says she’s a conservative Christian torn between voting for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, and she was offended that the ad was yanked.

“Extremely disappointed the campaign pulled the national television spot I had a role in,” she tweeted with the hashtag #myvotecounts.

“I told the rags that I thought it was cool that I could b socially liberal & fiscally conservative,” she added on Facebook. “I’m voting republican period. I honestly saw the “left’s” war on women tonight!! Unbelievable.”