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9 for ’18: Endangered Politicians on Capitol Hill

Fueled in large part by suburban GOP voters' dissatisfaction with President Trump’s policies and style, along with a plethora of Democrats ready to ride what they feel will be an electoral wave to victory, there are at least nine politicians who find themselves on our list of Endangered Politicians on Capitol Hill.

But it isn’t only Republicans who could be worried about finding new work at the end of next year: a Democrat or two could also tumble.

The House:

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.): Roskam cruised to victory in 2016, but Politico predicted the suburban Chicago Republican would face a stiff challenge in 2018. Seven Democrats have lined up to take on Roskam in a district that Trump lost in 2016 by 7 points after Mitt Romney carried the district by 8 points in 2012.

Ian Russell, former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee deputy executive director, said a revolt of suburban GOP voters who are put off by Trump could hurt Roskam.

“Increasingly socially progressive, suburban voters have been drifting away from the GOP for years,” said Russell. “Trump dramatically accelerated this movement, and the tax bill will only further alienate them.”

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.): Curbelo is a moderate Republican who distanced himself from Donald Trump in 2016, but Democrats will be eager to pull him closer to the president in 2018. Curbelo won by just under 12 points in 2016. But Hillary Clinton won the presidential vote in Curbelo’s 26th District by 16 points.

Curbelo’s home base is one of 23 House districts Trump lost in 2016, and Politico reported Democrats had put it at the top of the list of vulnerable seats they hope to win from the GOP in 2018.