4 Transgender Candidates Won Elections on Tuesday

On Tuesday, four transgender candidates won local elections, and one became the first transgender state representative. The elections also saw the victory of many openly socialist candidates. These two trends suggest a broad leftward tilt in local politics across the country.

PJ Media listed the four transgender candidates, along with their identities M to F or F to M (male to female, female to male) and their campaign issues.

1. Tyler Titus, F to M.

transgender candidate sits on a couch with posters. Facebook screenshot, transgender Tyler Titus pushing a "Couches Don't Count" campaign.

Tyler Titus, born a woman but identifying as a man, won one of four seats on the school board in Erie, Pa., Tuesday. The 33-year-old came out as transgender three years ago. Titus is raising two sons, ages 8 and 4.

A professional counselor who works in public and private schools, Titus has championed many LGBT issues. The counselor supported a campaign called "couches don't count," focusing on the sexual exploitation of LGBT people.

"Tyler Titus shattered a lavender ceiling in Pennsylvania today — and his victory will resonate well-beyond state boundaries," Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, president and CEO of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, said in a statement. "Trans people remain severely underrepresented in our politics and government, and now more than ever we need trans voices like Tyler's in the halls of power. This is a historic night for trans candidates across the country."

Philadelphia lawyer Henry McGregor Sias, who lost the primary for a Common Pleas Court earlier this year, said of Titus' victory: "Our status as trans people is no longer disqualifying."

Titus did not just run on transgender identity, however. The counselor has focused on combatting discrimination, conflict, and bullying, offering support to marginalized students. The candidate even praised private Catholic schools in their efforts to navigate the transgender bathroom issue. Titus grew up in a large family, one of 13 children and sharing space with 50 foster kids.