As Wisconsin Recount Finishes Up, $7M Finds 25 Votes for Hillary (Update: 131 Votes for Trump)

All of this comes, of course, with the backdrop of the CIA report leaked to the Washington Post asserting that Russian government agencies actively intervened in the election on Trump’s behalf. These are allegations which must be taken seriously; it certainly is not beyond the Russians to attempt something of this nature. As was noted last year at The Federalist, there exists evidence that the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy sought Soviet intervention in the 1984 U.S. election. As was pointed out several times by Erick Erickson, among others, both during the primaries and the general election, there is a great deal of evidence that Russians attempted to use social media to influence the election. Russian security services are still considered the likely source for the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman which were aired by WikiLeaks during the general election, despite Julian Assange’s repeated denials.

The problem is, of course, that the CIA has long been suspected of being politicized and telling the administration, especially Democratic administrations, what they want to hear. And it appears that whatever Russian efforts or motivations may have been involved, they did not manage to hack into any significant number of election machines and did not throw the election.

Since it was obvious that Dr. Stein had no chance of overturning an election in which she received less than 1% of the vote, what was this all about?

Was there in fact illegal collusion between her campaign and Hillary Clinton’s, who might have been viewed by the Greens as the lesser of two evils? The fact that Clinton first conceded on election night -- as Reince Priebus has claimed there was an agreement between the two principal parties -- then reneged and supported the recount effort certainly makes that possible.

Was the whole thing simply a publicity stunt and fundraising scheme for far-Left causes? Dr. Stein’s antics ginned up far more attention than anything she said or did during the campaign itself. Her recount effort raised roughly twice as much money as she raised while running.

Who knows.

The 2016 recount is simply an odd footnote in the history of the oddest election of my lifetime. Now, let's hope for the smooth transfer of power our system is designed to promote.

This article was updated at 3:19 p.m. PST.