Natalie Portman on Michelle Obama: ‘I’d Vote for Her in a Second’

Portman elaborated on why she decided to accept the role.

“I really was interested in the approach of the script because it took place in this condensed period just after the assassination, just a few days, and to tell this woman’s character through her resilience and behavior in the most unimaginably difficult situation we can think of was such an interesting approach to exploring a woman and a well-known woman who we never really considered as a human being,” she said.

Incoming first lady Melania Trump has said she would be a “very traditional” first lady similar to Jackie Kennedy. Noah Oppenheim, who wrote the Jackie screenplay, was asked if he sees any similarities between Trump and Kennedy.

“I think Jackie Kennedy is incomparable, let’s put it that way,” Oppenheim said.

In response to the same question, Juan de Dios Larraín, a producer of the film who is from Chile, said, “Jackie Kennedy represented a very iconic, emblematic, fashion, stylish, politician woman and I think Melania is different. I am not the right person to say what’s better because that’s a decision that belongs to the American people.”