Ray Buckley, Candidate for DNC Chair, Once Said 'Hitler Should Have Bombed the Hague'

The observations of Buckley's behavior don't solely originate with one former roommate with an ax to grind, however. Buckley engaged in a Twitter war in 2013 with a Republican state lawmaker, who responded by calling Buckley a pervert.

Buckley's behavior has veered from erratic to downright creepy. In 2008, he reportedly lied to a Gold Star mom that he had served in Vietnam and had friends who were POW/MIA. Of course, having been born in 1959 and having worked on the Ed Muskie presidential campaign in 1972 at age 12, he'd have been an awfully young draftee. According to an email account of the event by the Gold Star mother,

I turned around and in disgust commented that Carol had just lied. A man in the crowd chanted, “Where’s the proof? Prove it. Prove it!” I pointed to Natalie who was speaking with media and said. “She’s the proof. That’s the Mother who Carol refused to call.”  I repeated to the man “Our son’s gave their tomorrows, their futures, so that she could have her today’s and she can’t even return a phone call? That’s disgraceful.

He then told me he had served in Viet Nam and had friends who were POW-MIA. I compassionately touched his arm thanked him for his service and told him I was sorry for his loss. I told him that no matter where you stood on the politics of the War on Terror that a Congressman or Senator out of respect should return a phone call to a Gold Star family member. He stated his disgust for what we were doing in Iraq and said “We’ve all lost things.” THINGS????? My son is not a thing. He was a hero who stood out in the direct line of fire 3 times that day and gave his life for this man and he has the audacity to compare his sacrifice with a thing???? I was livid!!! How dare him.

I could not believe what had just taken place. I knew I was wasting my time and started to walk away when the man I had the confrontation with told me “Your just being used by the campaign.” Oh my goodness again, I can’t believe the antics of this idiot. He obviously doesn’t know that nobody uses me. I turn around and tell him “NOBODY uses me!” You don’t raise a son to be a Navy SEAL by having a character that is used by people. Unbelievable! As I approached the other Blues Star Moms and campaign staff that was there they asked what had just taken place. I retold the confrontation with the condescending, heartless man. They asked me to point him out. I was informed that his name was Ray Buckley and that he was the Chairman of the Democrat Party in NH. I was even more appalled that the man who had disgraced my son and insulted me was a high ranking official in the Democrat Party.

From Stolen Valor to ... running his car into protesters? This is from a campaign event for Hillary Clinton this year:

Local bloggers at GraniteGrok detailed this incident in a post here, including a second video of the altercation. It sure sounds as if Buckley is revving his engine for some reason.

Given his history of erratic and creepy behavior, it seems incredible that he's been elected five times as his state's Democratic Party chairman. It would be even more incredible if Ray Buckley were to lead the DNC as it tries to rebuild after its crushing defeats in the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.