Ray Buckley, Candidate for DNC Chair, Once Said 'Hitler Should Have Bombed the Hague'

On Tuesday, Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, announced his intention to run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Buckley has a lengthy resume. He also has a history of creepy and erratic behavior, including exposing himself to associates, ranting about Americans, and even allegations of possession of child pornography. Those allegations were dismissed by the state attorney general's office after an investigation.

In his announcement, posted on a new Facebook page set up for his campaign, Buckley writes:

To me, the Democratic Party’s message is simple: we firmly stand for the opportunity of every American to achieve the American dream. There should be no walls obstructing anyone’s success, both literally and figuratively. We are a dynamic, diverse party that represents the hopes and aspirations of millions of Americans. Our party must also continue to strive to include every voice and every idea from our grassroots.

I ask that you share with me your ideas – both big and small – for how the DNC can best do its job of helping to elect Democrats. Collectively we can be the change that is needed.

The five-term incumbent as state chairman in New Hampshire is vying in a crowded field to replace Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for DNC chair. Both women resigned in disgrace this year—Schultz from the DNC and Brazile from CNN.

Buckley has a long list of accomplishments to burnish his reputation as a Democratic operative, including his current position as vice chairman of the DNC, as well as serving as state chairman. He proudly wears the title of the first openly gay politician to serve as president of the Association of State Democratic Chairs and as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. He also sponsored several bills as a state legislator that expanded rights for the LGBT community.

Local bloggers note, however, that Buckley has never held a job outside of politics and never attended college. More importantly, he's had embarrassing personal scandals and behavior follow him his entire life, most of which have been in the public eye as an official in the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

A former roommate leaked a spliced-together video in which Buckley is shown engaging in some erratic behavior saying, "f**k Americans" and "The Hague? Hitler should have bombed it." He's also seen exposing himself in the video. The roommate clearly has an ax to grind, and the production value is less than stellar, but Buckley's behavior is nonetheless creepy (NSFW LANGUAGE WARNING):

There is more context in this video (AGAIN, NSFW LANGUAGE WARNING):

The videos were posted in 2007 and 2008. The allegations of child pornography soon found their way to then-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. Her office conducted a two-month investigation that turned up no proof to substantiate the allegations, though the police did note that they were not able to find the computer that was allegedly used.

Joe Kelly Levasseur, a Buckley foe and elected alderman in Manchester (who narrated the spliced-together video) told media outlets that, "I want the rest of the state of New Hampshire to know what Manchester knows ... Ray Buckley is a creepy guy."

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