Ellison's Argument for DNC Chairmanship: 'I'm Actually Pretty Good' at Turning Out Vote'

"I really don't have a horse in that fight. And so the DNC members are going to have to make that decision," Ryan said.

"I was on the House floor when we were having this sit-in on guns. I think that's an important discussion we need to have, but not to give away the Second Amendment. I don't think that's appropriate," Ryan added. "But on the issue of gun violence, why do we have violence in our inner cities? It's economics. We -- it's poverty issues. This economic message should drive everything we talk about as Democrats."

Ellison told CBS on Sunday that the Democrats' argument should not just be about President-elect Donald Trump.

"We're going to fight him because he stands against our value system. But if we make the average American's needs our priority, people who want to retire, people who want to see their kids go to college, people who want to earn a decent living, people anxious about the plant closing down, moving to another country and selling them back the products that they used to make," Ellison said. "If we make those people the priority, we will win and Donald Trump will be relegated to be a footnote in the dustbin of history. That is what we got to do, focus on our people."