Viral Video Gets 30,000 Republicans and Democrats to Vote Libertarian

In his interview with PJ Media, Kibbe also emphasized why conservatives should consider Gary Johnson a better option than Donald Trump for Supreme Court nominees. "If you're looking for a candidate that's viable, that will be on the ballot in all fifty states, there's really only one constitutionalist, and that's Gary Johnson," he said.

"Whatever specific policy gives conservative constitutionalists heartburn, what we're trying to convey is that if you want a president who respects limits on power, in that sense he's quite in line with where Ted Cruz was." Kibbe noted that Johnson has said "his test for Supreme Court nominees is the Constitution." While Donald Trump has presented a strong list of potential nominees, his track record provides reason to doubt.

"I wonder if anybody knows what Donald Trump actually believes," Kibbe said. "He's been almost everywhere on every issue. His history of course is more liberal, but I think it would be naive to take any of his promises all that seriously, especially his list of Supreme Court nominees. He's just telling people what they want to hear."

Balanced Rebellion is "specifically targeting disaffected Sanders voters and disaffected Cruz voters," the president explained. He listed crony capitalism, permanent war, and big bank bailouts as issues which bring liberals and conservatives together to back a Libertarian.

When it comes to liberals, Kibbe suggested that Clinton's cronyism and her record of supporting "disastrous foreign interventions," such as Iraq, the Patriot Act, and Libya, "fundamentally rubs Bernie Sanders supporters the wrong way."

Conservatives should like Johnson because, as governor of New Mexico, he cut taxes 14 times and left the state with a billion dollar surplus. Liberals should like him because he also gave the state new highways, bridges, schools, and hospitals.

When asked about Bernie's endorsement of Hillary, the Alternative PAC president argued that endorsements don't "matter nearly so much as people think." He argued that "these are philosophical movements," tethered more to ideas than to influential political figures.

His video emphasizes this "strange bedfellows alliance." The ad brings up many hilarious analogies:

You have to choose between a corrupt president or a crazy president. Like a two-horse race where one horse cheats, and the other one eats Muslims.

The Balanced Rebellion is a movement that actually gives the third party an actual chance. If you both vote Johnson, neither Trump nor Hillary gets an advantage, only America! It's like Tinder, but not gross, and it can save America.

Did America waste its vote on Abe Freaking Lincoln? That's right, I was third party, racists.

Hillary needs a NASCAR jacket to show her corporate sponsors. She's a giant cuddly Pander bear. Trump's business failures include: Trump airlines, Trump mortgage, Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump vodka, Trump ice, Trump magazine, Trump new media, the Trump network, Trump on the Ocean, Tour de Trump, and Trump the board game, which is apparently a game where you suck at business, name things after yourself, then become the president.

So you can choose the lady who helped create ISIS or the guy who talks like he’s in ISIS.

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