Poll: 13 Percent Pick Giant Meteor Strike Over Trump or Clinton

Elsewhere in the PPP poll, Clinton had a 39 percent favorable rating with 54 percent holding a negative view of the former secretary of State, while Trump had 35 percent favorability and 58 percent unfavorables.

Clinton led Trump by 4 points whether or not Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein were included.

Fifty-two percent favored four more years of President Obama to a President Trump, with 43 percent picking Trump over Obama.

Asked if they would rather the GOP nominee be someone else, 67 percent of Republicans in the survey said they were OK with Trump while 24 percent want someone else.

The poll also gauged support for a Texit: "Would you support or oppose Texas leaving the United States to become its own country?"

Twenty-four percent supported the Texit, while 63 percent opposed and 12 percent were not sure.

PPP said the polling "continues to find the presidential race shaping up pretty similarly to how the 2012 contest played out... the race is shaping up pretty much as you would expect along demographic lines. Clinton leads 51/36 with women, 82/13 with Hispanics, 91/5 with African Americans, and 57/28 with young voters. Trump leads 48/37 with men, 51/32 with whites, and 51/36 with seniors. Clinton has a 39/35 advantage with independents."