DNC's November Message: Trump Didn't 'Hijack' GOP, But Is the GOP

Wasserman Schultz predicted, though, that Trump "is going to pull every trick out in the book possible, as he continues to cause the implosion, or finalize the implosion of the Republican Party."

"Their primary played out in the most chaotic way. Their convention will go even further, and you have a very large percentage of Republican voters who now say, a majority of Republican voters, who now say that they are not going to be able to reunify by November," she said, adding that Dems "will out-organize and out-mobilize the Republicans."

"They never did anything they said they needed to do to win a presidential election when they released that autopsy. They are alienating the voters they said they needed to stop alienating. They never created a centralized voter file -- we have one, have strengthened ours."