Trump's Negatives with Hispanics Now Through the Roof

A Trump nomination will only make the "GOP hates all minorities!" crowd become more vocal, and more likely than not, more well funded. Get ready for a general election filled with ads that feature comments from the tweets of every white nationalist freak who likes Trump. It doesn't matter that they're a fringe, the press, when it does its customary about-face and turns on the GOP nominee it liked during the primaries, will spend 24 hours a day eviscerating Trump on this issue.

Yes, they'll play the "Well, he's not a real Hispanic..." card with Rubio or Cruz if either is the nominee, but that's the kind of thing that can be turned against them in the long run if handled properly.

The biggest nightmare scenario in this election is still a Hillary Clinton presidency. We have to start parsing where the competitive advantages are and perhaps avoiding giving extra energy, volume, and cash to portions of the electorate that may propel her to victory.