Time to Talk About John Kasich's Biggest Failure as Ohio Governor: Union Reform

Kasich prides himself on being a reformer and a budget hawk, but when it came time to stand up and fight the unions, he blinked. Instead of easing the burdens of local taxpayers who are struggling under the weight of Ohio's unfunded mandates, Kasich passed the buck and chose to side with Big Union over Joe Taxpayer.

I understand why candidates might be afraid to attack Kasich—Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges is running around threatening that if they don't treat Kasich with kid gloves, it might come back to haunt them later in the race (because everything hinges on Ohio or something). But it's high time that someone started asking this guy some tough questions. Begin by asking him why he quit on union reform, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Then ask him why he expanded Medicaid with an Obama-like executive fiat when his Republican legislature refused to authorize funding to put able-bodied, childless working adults on welfare (John "Budget Hawk" Kasich's Medicaid expansion is already $1 billion over budget). And why did he wait to defund Planned Parenthood until the cusp of the South Carolina primary? While you're at it, ask him why he thinks people should be able to vote with a crumpled-up cell phone bill they found in someone's trash.

Kasich shouldn't get a pass on his troubling record as Ohio's governor just because he shouts "positive campaign!" anytime someone starts to ask tough questions.