The Rise of the Megalothymiamanical Memories Pizza Truthers

A 30-something journalist named Alix Bryan of the Richmond, Virginia CBS affiliate WTVR has pulled the press pass out of her hat brim, and replaced it with one labeled "SJW" for her own form of Memories Pizza Trutherism:


Just in case. As Kristinn Taylor notes at Gateway Pundit, "When challenged for filing a fraud complaint based on no evidence, Bryan [tweeted] 'that is totally acceptable to do' and that had she looked in to the matter after she filed her complaint."

As Ace writes, "this 'Alix Bryan' person is supposedly some kind of 'reporter,' and yet is plainly behaving like the very worst of the pack-hunting leftwing #hactivist lynch mobbers. She should not be working for the media -- or she should be suspended, and forced to write an apology to her viewers:

Alix Bryan would not be disciplined for something that has nothing to do with her job. This has plenty to do with her job. She is a "reporter," or what we call a "reporter" now, gleefully lodging false criminal complaints against people she has political disputes with, then bragging about it on their twitter feed.

This is also, obviously, a case of a reporter getting involved in the story, and Making Herself the Story. She lodged the complaint -- if anything ever came of it (hypothetically), she herself would be a central part of the story.

She simply does not seem to care about the rules of journalism, nor of even being familiar with them.

She is an activist -- and she should be working for a company whose mission goals are clearly activist in nation. As far as I know, her employer, @CBS6 in Richmond, still pretends to not be a leftist pressure/#hactivist group though, given their choice in staff, this pretense seems paper thin.

Now if she can write an essay explaining why people charged with reporting the news fairly and without favor or prejudice should not be taking an active role in leftwing #Hacktivism, and if it seemed that she really understood where she had erred and really comprehended that she must attempt to be something resembling professional in her conduct, then maybe she could go on working there.

Sadly, of course, she is in fact the typical reporter these days.

But you can't be caught doing this. They all do this, but only some are so clumsy or carefree to get caught doing this.

By the way, she gets very upset when you include her employer, @CBS6, in tweets about this. She keeps insisting "My work has nothing to do with this."

Pretty ironic. You know who else formerly thought their work was a separate issue from their political beliefs on gay marriage? The O'Connor family of Memories Pizza.

Finally, Moe Lane puts the week -- the week leading up to Good Friday, Passover and Easter, for those who still observe or pay lip service to those pre-Brave New Obama World traditions -- into perspective:

If your long-term goal is to reassure people that American society can calmly handle both gay marriage, and the resulting disagreement over it, you have had a very bad week.  I started this week being more in support of same-sex marriage than I am right now, and it’s all the fault of the Left’s Goon Squad. And the Left should worry a lot about whether or not I’m the only person who has had that reaction.

Exit question addressed to the mob from Allahpundit (the man who trademarked the exit question form): "How should we punish grandma and grandpa for opposing gay marriage?"

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* Whose auteur also apparently believes he crafted a how-to guide.