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'So Here’s An Honest Question: How Can You Take Money From Them?'

Earlier this year, she was busted by representatives of the American Kennel Club for selectively editing their interview with O'Brien on HBO's rather-ironically named Real Sports. The representatives of the AKC released an unedited version of the interview, which they videotaped separately, always a wise piece of insurance when dealing with anyone in the MSM.

O'Brien's far left antics as a live show host were ratings poison for CNN, which is why, even though he's entirely simpatico with her politics,  she was eventually forced into producing programs for the graveyard shift when former NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker took the reigns -- but her moral equivalence, racialism, and punitive far left worldview make her right at home at Al Jazeera, based on Eliana Johnson's recent damning portrait of the bottom-feeding cable network at NRO:

On air, former CBS News correspondent and CNN anchor Joie Chen now anchors AJA’s flagship broadcast, America Tonight; John Seigenthaler, whose NBC News contract was not renewed several years ago as a cost-saving measure, now delivers the channel’s 8 p.m. evening newscast; Antonia Mora, the former Good Morning America news reader, now reads to a profoundly smaller audience; David Shuster, who landed at Current TV after he was forced out of MSNBC, serves as an anchor; Soledad O’Brien, one of the first to go when Jeff Zucker took the reins at CNN, is one of AJA’s “special correspondents”; Sheila MacVicar, laid off by ABC News and then by CBS News, is a correspondent. As is Mike Viqueira, whom NBC News would never let off the weekend White House shift. Lisa Fletcher, laid off by ABC News in 2010, is an anchor.

AJA has scooped up the same sort of refugees to work behind the scenes. The senior vice president for news gathering, Marcy McGinnis, was teaching journalism at Stony Brook University when AJA came knocking, after being forced out of CBS News. David Doss, the longtime executive producer of CNN’s AC360, was unemployed before he started at AJA in July. The pattern holds all the way on down to the network’s social-media editor, Jared Keller, who was fired by Bloomberg after text messages surfaced in which he complained about his job. His next stop? Al Jazeera America.

The situation is particularly poignant for Jewish producers, some of whom had to choose between unemployment and relatively well-paying work for a channel whose parent network has exhibited virulent anti-Semitism. A cynical joke making the rounds of television Jewry refers to “Jews for Jazeera,” a subtle play, of course, on “Jews for Jesus.”

Based on her past associations and actions, I doubt O'Brien has many twinges of guilt working there. They pay the bills and are quiet enemies of the US? Sounds perfect from her perspective.

Exit quote: “I appreciate you talking with me this morning, but I just have to say, your position completely boggles me, honestly. I just do not understand it.”

Related: "Qatari-Funded Journalist ‘Literally Never’ Watches Fox News Channel." Huh -- you'd think she'd want to (a) check out what the competition is up to and (b) keep up with their shows, just in case she needs to send out resumes. But then, as our exit quote above highlights, Soledad has always taken pride in her massive case of epistemic closure.