Interview: James Delingpole on The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism


MR. DRISCOLL:  This is Ed Driscoll for PJ, and we’re spanning the Atlantic today to speak with James Delingpole of, the UK Spectator and the executive editor the newly launched Breitbart London. James is also the author of The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism:   The Left's Plan to Frighten Your Kids, Drive Up Energy Costs, and Hike Your Taxes! It’s published by Regenery, and available from and your local bookstore. And James, thanks for stopping by today.

MR. DELINGPOLE:  Ed, thank you for having me on your show.

MR. DRISCOLL:  James, to follow up your recent interview at Ricochet with Mark Steyn, if Mark loses his lawsuit to Michael Mann, who gets the top bunk in your cell at the Global Warming Stalag, you or Mark?

MR. DELINGPOLE:  It really will be as if the apocalypse has come if the appalling Michael Mann wins the case against ‑‑ I mean it would be a bit like "Paradise Lost" revisited so that Satan somehow defeats God.  I mean I'm not sure whether Mark Steyn would be comfortable being called God, exactly.

MR. DRISCOLL:  I think he could handle that!

MR. DELINGPOLE:  But I think the stakes here are pretty high.  What we have is the most egregious and disgraceful example ‑‑ and this happens a lot, I'm afraid ‑‑ of the scientific and political establishment closing ranks to hide the truth from the little people.  And the truth is basically this:  there has been no global warming ‑‑ no global warming since 1997 or possibly 1996, depending on who you ask.  And yet, all the predictions, projections, as they're known, of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, up until now, all of them have predicted ‑‑ have been based on man-made global warming theory which is that as anthropogenic CO2 levels increase, so inexorably will the world's temperature and eventually, we'll all fry, the ice caps will melt, the baby polar bears will drown and so will Tuvalu and the Maldives and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Now, the fact is that there has been this massive pause in global warming which suggests that anthropogenic global warming theory is a busted flush, which would suggest that the billions, if not trillions, of dollars which our governments have diverted on our behalf from our pockets, as taxpayers, have diverted to causes like Solyndra, for example, to building wind farms all over America and Britain which chump up bats and birds including your national bird, the bald eagle, these environmentalists who are supposedly saving the planet for so-called future generations are actually destroying the planet and destroying the economy and it is a massive scandal.  I would say it's the biggest scientific scandal in history and probably the biggest economic scandal in history as well.

And people like Michael Mann are using the legal system to try and hide this fact.  And if Mann wins, it will be a victory for the dark side, against ‑‑ against humanity.

MR. DRISCOLL:  James, I don’t know if you follow Glenn Reynolds of But Glenn certainly helped to popularize the phrase that the American left is nothing but Potemkin Villages all the way down. One glaring example of that in The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism  was the concept of Friendly Lawsuits. Could you talk about how they work?