Kirsten Powers Meets Krauthammer's Law

Speaking of which, I got a kick out of a comment from someone at a Website called Hyperallergic, which modestly describes itself as"the world’s leading art blogazine," quoting my post from Tuesday on Mr. Obama's apology for insulting college history majors, and the response from Jonathan Chait at New York magazine, who wrote:

The Obama apology tour continues! Basically, any group of people that hates America and gets worked up about it — Europeans, Muslims, art history majors — Obama will apologize to you.

Linking to Chait, I asked:

But do the bulk of art history majors hate America? Or perhaps we should ask the flip-side of the equation: which college majors aren’t being taught to hate the nation?

Given the midcentury influence of the socialist Frankfurt School, the rise of political correctness beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s, the nature of what Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey has dubbed "Black Armband History," not to mention Occupy Wall Street, which seemed as obsessed with spiraling college tuitions as anything their fellow Obama supporters on Wall Street are up to, those seem like a couple of reasonable questions. (After all, it was Chait who implied that art history majors hate America, not Mr. Obama or myself.) Rather than answering them directly, Hyperallergic quoted me with a rather, well, hyperallergic preface:

Chait’s ridiculousness seemed to fall like manna from the heavens for the right-wing media, and various outlets took the bait. PJMedia’s Ed Driscoll asks: “Do Art History Majors Hate America?” In what only can be described as unbelievable, Ed Driscoll vomits:

Gee, I've always been worried that I come across as too subdued and laid back in my writing; I look upon the craziness of leftwing enclaves such as Washington, Hollywood, Sacramento and most college campuses with distanced bemusement. But evidently, any pushback, even the lightest, against what Thomas Sowell would call "the Vision of the Anointed," is the equivalent of "vomiting."

Which once again proves the accuracy of Krauthammer's Law.

Update: When I mentioned this post to my wife, she reminded that there have been times when actual vomiting has preceded blog posts, but fortunately, those occasions are awfully rare.