Ed Driscoll

'Remember When The Social Justice Warriors Used To Get Away With It?'

Return with us now to the early 1990s, a period when the World Wide Web was just taking off, there was no Drudge, no Blogosphere, no Twitter, no Fox News, and “alternative media” consisted of Rush on the radio and William F. Buckley on PBS once a week. In other words, the last waning days the MSM still had complete control over The Narrative. Which they used for very bad purposes, as the Draw and Strike blog notes, before adding:


After what happened in the LA Riots and the OJ Simpson trial, Americans had gotten an eyeful of what ‘social justice’ resulted in.  Dead people, burned & looted stores, racial discord, & killers going free.

That’s why the last couple of times the Social Justice Warriors have tried to launch a new false narrative, it hasn’t gone so swell.  They had a great start in the Duke Rape Case,  and then the facts came out,  the charges were dropped, and the prosecutor got himself disbarred.  The designated victims all were proven innocent and got away.  The mob was disappointed.  Social Justice didn’t advance, darn it!

The case in Sanford FL, the false narrative there resulted in more than two years of the DNC Media trying to save a dying racial narrative by calling Zimmerman a ‘white Hispanic’.  It didn’t matter. The facts came out at the trial.  The system worked.  Again, the mob didn’t get the scalp it demanded.  Social justice – denied!

Then came Ferguson, Missouri and the Michael Brown case.  Once again the most racially inflammatory version of the story was rushed out the door to the mob.  And again, it didn’t matter in the end. The facts came out. The false narrative fell apart.  Not shot in the back and no hands up.  No matter how many stores they looted or businesses they burned down, the mob didn’t get the scalp it screamed for.  The system worked and social justice was denied again.  And don’t think the rest of America didn’t see who ginned up the mob & unleashed it on that poor town.


“Which brings us to the UVA Rape Scandal currently ongoing,” Draw & Strike adds. “Once again the Social Justice Warriors were fighting hard to advance ‘progress’ in America by, uh, well, pushing a false story. And they got caught at it.”

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