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Obama Promise Meets Expiration Date

"Of course: 2014 Obama’s position on [the Export Import Bank] is the opposite of 2008 Obama’s," Mary Katharine Ham writes at Hot Air, as can be seen in the above video, edited together by the Washington Free Beacon. The WFB's video also serves as useful how-to guide for watching tennis at Wimbledon, given how robotically 2008-era Obama scans his stereo teleprompters to stay on his script.

The script is different these days, of course. As MKH writes, "In the words of my friend Jim Geraghty of National Review, every single Obama statement has an expiration date," adding:

I’m genuinely curious about something like this. There are so very many incidents like this—shameless, complete 180s, most of which completely disregard the fact he ever held another position. And, now such declarations are separated by so much more time. Do you think he remembers saying this in 2008? Or, was it just one of the thousand reasonable sounding positions Favs wrote down in a giant list for him, ready to be called forth flanked by a phalanx of straw men at any moment. Do you think he has any idea what his own position on Ex-Im Bank is beyond position-that-plausibly-allows-mockery-of-slim-majority-of-Republicans-on-national-stage?

Yet another example of President Obama's chief existential dilemma: nobody loves big totalitarian corporatist 1930s-era government more than he does -- but he's just not very good at both managing the Leviathan and as he's admitted, explaining how it works to the voters. It's enough to make a lazy sort of fella begin to just accept the trappings of the job, and the paycheck that somehow magically appears each week, and Obamaphone in everything else.