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Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner: 'Nobody Believes You'

Will the MSM finally start covering this story? Don't count on it, writes Stacy McCain. It might upset "The Media's President":

Da Tech Guy makes the obvious point: The reason the media aren’t going after the IRS scandal is because Barack Obama is their president. Not since JFK’s fictitious “Camelot” have the media invested so heavily in maintaining the image of a president, an image of competence and success that can be maintained only by ignoring all contrary evidence and pretending that all criticism of Obama is racist — RAAAAACIST!

This is more than just “liberal bias,” it’s outright dishonesty, made easier by the blind partisan hatred of Republicans that has become prevalent among journalists since the Bush era. Reporters and editors were convinced (and remain convinced) that George W. Bush (a) “stole” the 2000 election, and (b) lied about the Iraq war, which all Democrats believe was fought for bad motives — and Democrats outnumber Republicans in the press corps by a factor of at least 5-to-1.

Which is yet another reminder that for many in the MSM, history began in November of 2000; all events prior to that date simply never happened, or can be manipulated in classic Oceania has never been at war with Eurasia/East Asia fashion:

Just ask Tony Messenger of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the man who fired George Will.

Update: "Now, I don’t believe we are becoming anything like 1930s Russia, never mind a real-life 1984. But this idea that bureaucrats — very broadly defined — can become their own class bent on protecting their interests at the expense of the public seems not only plausible but obviously true," Jonah Goldberg writes. "The evidence is everywhere."

It certainly was today, as this example of bureaucratic obsequiousness illustrates:


More: "White House Learned of Lerner's Crashed Hard Drive 6 Weeks Before Congress."