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Interview: Ben Shapiro Talks Bullies

They wake up in the morning and a lot of them can't point to accomplishments.  A lot of them can't point to things that they've done that are worthwhile, but they can point to you.  And they can say, well, at least I'm not you.  You know, you're the bad guy, I'm the good guy.

Well, the same thing applies in race relations.  White people on the left look at Al Sharpton and because they have this unearned sense of white guilt, that grants -- the guilt actually grants them superiority.  It's an unearned sense of moral superiority.  They look at other white folks and they say, well, you know, you're racist, but I'm not racist.  You know how I'm not racist, because I look at Al Sharpton, and I see a really good guy.  That's my proof that I'm not a racist.  Right?  And my proof that I'm not a racist is that you're a racist.

And so that's how Al Sharpton has been able to get away with this race hucksterism for years upon years upon years upon years, even as the black population sinks deeper into really unemployment, into misery, into higher levels of unwed motherhood.

If you look at the black community when Al Sharpton really came to prominence versus the black community now, they're significantly worse off than they were thirty, thirty-five years ago.  The next generation of the black community is less educated than the last generation was. And they were less educated -- and that generation is less educated  than the generation before that.

[Update: Shapiro emails that he may have misspoken here: "Black education levels have been rising generation over generation, but good-paying jobs and overall wealth have not been rising close to commensurate with that education over the last 30 years." -- Ed]

And that's an increasing problem.  And that's a problem that continues to be ignored on a regular basis by folks on the left, because again, it's not important to solve problems; it's only important to feel good about yourself.  And the way you feel good about yourself is by ignoring problems and blaming other people for the problems that, you know, black folks encounter in this country.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Ben, as I mentioned a few moments ago, in January of 2009, the left openly announced to the world, “We Are All Socialists Now.” James Carville predicted a 40 year uninterrupted rule by the left in DC. Then five minutes later, the Tea Party showed up as an antidote to such monolithic thinking. How badly did their appearance on the national scene unnerve the left?

MR. SHAPIRO:  Oh, the Tea Party has completely destroyed the confidence of the left.  That's why the left has to claim that we're a bunch of radical crazies who are anarchists, in essence.  They -- they try to claim that people who are libertarian are not actually libertarian, they're actually anarchists.

And that's what -- you know you're doing something right when the left calls you radical.  The left never called John McCain a radical, because John McCain never did anything right.  The left tried to label Mitt Romney a radical, and that was probably the least successful portion of their campaign.  Because he's not a radical.

The left is labeling the Tea Party radical because they have to paint the Tea Party somehow.  That's why they call them racist.  That's why they call them sexist, bigot, homophobes.  It's the only way the left knows.

The left only has three lines of attack.  None of them are attacks on ev -- based on evidence.  There are three lines of attack on any politician and really on any person:  that you are corrupt, mean, or stupid.  Those are the three lines of attack.  And every single politician, every single movement, falls along those lines.

So if you look at the Tea Party, what the left claims about the Tea Party is that it's two out of three.  They don't claim that the Tea Party is corrupt, because it's difficult to claim that the Tea Party is corrupt.  Instead what they claim is that they're mean and stupid.

They have a tough time with stupid, because the fact is, there are a lot of smart people who are members of the Tea Party, although they try to claim that people like Sara Palin are dumb.  But they do get some ground on the mean issue, mainly because the media tries to paint the right as mean.