Ed Driscoll

21st Pivoting Schizoid 'Bam

“Obama pivots to economy, but health care woes persist,” a headline at NBC exclaims — and the latter half of the headline is an Orwellian lie, of course. There are no serious national healthcare issues in America today; the issue is with the ongoing obliteration of the healthcare insurance marketplace under the president’s orders.

But let’s not quibble over fractions, as the World War I French General told Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory before ordering him to send more of his troops off to be slaughtered in the trenches. I started to Google how many times Obama has promised that he’d be pivoting to the economy over the past five years, but quickly found that John Nolte of Big Journalism has already run the numbers:

With his poll numbers dropping almost as fast as his credibility, President Obama has decided it is once again time to pivot his focus away from the disastrous ObamaCare rollout and towards his slightly less disastrous economic recovery. For the 21st time in just five years (which averages out to once every 3 months — the last time was less than 2 months ago), the White House announced Thursday that “President Barack Obama will try to shift the national conversation to economic growth.”

MSM “unexpectedlys” and Obama pivots — they go together like the horse and carriage that the Obama administration wishes that the economy was powered by.

And might yet be, if the White House has its way. (Warning: annoying autoplay video at link.)