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Interview: Ben Shapiro Talks Bullies

MR. DRISCOLL:  Ben, this is kind of a long setup, so bear with me for a moment. But what I found fascinating about the Zimmerman trial is that it was really blue on blue all the way down. The judge was a Democrat. CNN reported that there was a potential black juror who was dismissed because he watched Fox News. So if that standard was applied to all of the women who wound up on the jury, then they were all liberal. George Zimmerman supported Obama in 2008, according to his brother in an interview at Breitbart.com. When Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, Newsweek declared “We Are Socialists Now.” And all of the people involved in this were! But when low-information liberal voters watched the news, they likely believed that Trayvon Martin, whom Obama declared to be his surrogate son, was shot by a white conservative. How did this happen?

MR. SHAPIRO:  That's exactly right.  Well, I mean, the way that it happened is that the left desperately looks for any sort of racial incident that they can find.  And if they can't find one, they manufacture one.

And in this case, they absolutely manufactured one.  As you mentioned, George Zimmerman was a Hispanic Democrat.  He somehow turned into a white conservative.  And because of that, the left was able to somehow paint this as a case of white on black violence, and not only white on black violence, but racially motivated white on black violence.

And it really was the greatest attempt by the press, certainly, I would say in my lifetime, to slander an innocent person in the name of greater racial merit.  And this is how the press sells papers.  This is how the press makes itself feel good at night.

What makes them feel good is to continue to perpetuate the myth that the America's a deeply racist country, because so long as America is deeply racist, that means that we need massive government interventionism.  Remember a couple weeks before the Zimmerman trial actually began, the Supreme Court struck down the law -- the section of the Voting Rights Act that suggested that we should use standards from the 1960s in order to evaluate whether states were actually enacting racially biased voting laws.  The Supreme Court said, look, this is not 1960 anymore.

The left actually does believe that it is still 1960.  The left thinks -- and the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial is proof of this -- the left truly, truly, deeply believes that what would happen is Zimmerman got off, is that lynchings would become the rage again.  They believe that if the Voting Rights Act was struck down, then immediately states would begin banning black people from the polls.

They have to believe that because it's the only way to justify massive government action, which is really the end that they're looking for.  So that's how a case of, as you mentioned, blue on blue violence, and really racial minority on racial minority violence, turns into a case of a white versus black issue, where a Hispanic guy kills a black guy and it's white people's fault.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Also, the blue on blue nature of the Zimmerman trial highlights something you discuss in at least a couple of books. Primetime Propaganda was subtitled, “How the Left Took Over Your TV.” And that was around the time that the left had taken over academia, and by the time of the 2008 election, Wall Street as well. And the US military has become a tool for the left to implement their theories on sexual relations, and even radical environmentalism. How can the right be so culturally impotent, and yet, in the left’s eyes, such bullies?

MR. SHAPIRO:  Well, I mean, I think that they're deeply connected.  All of culture is about narrative.  It's about storytelling.  And the left is very, very good at storytelling.  It's the only thing they're good at.  They're not good at evidence; they're not good at policy.  They're very good at telling a story in which they are the white hats and we are the black hats.

And if you look at conservatives, there -- all conservatives want to be Paul Ryan.  They want to sit there and look like an accountant and explain the ins and outs of the latest CBO report.  Democrats have no interest in that.  They all want to be Jerry Bruckheimer, right, who happens to be a Republican -- but they all want to be a bunch of -- a bunch of, you know, Woody Allen types who are going to sit there and tell you a story that changes your mind on some issue or another.