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Interview: Brent Bozell on Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election

But here's the problem.  They still have an audience.  But the bigger problem is, I can find and I can see the bias by commission.  I can see the media twisting a truth.  I can see that.  But what the public didn't see was the flip side, the politics of the bias by omission, where they simply didn't report things.

So what happens, Ed, is that at the end of the day, conservatives scratch their heads and say how could America have re-elected a man as failed as him, as dangerous as him, as naive as him, as unprepared as him, as disastrous as him?  And the answer is those things that you and I know are lost on many in the American public, because if they rely on CBS or ABC or NBC for their news, they never heard it.

MR. DRISCOLL:  And last question.  No matter who the Democrats nominate in 2016, what can the GOP, both their presidential candidate and the Blogosphere and new media do to prep the battlefield, at least a little bit more in their favor?

MR. BOZELL:  Well, the first thing that they -- that the GOP needs to do is understand the problem and stop trying to make nice with people who don't want to make nice with them.  They have to be far more selective on how and who they deal with.  They have to be far more aggressive with -- with the media that distort the truth on a regular basis.

They need to make the media a national news issue.  They have to be selective on the programs they go on.  Why does anyone bother going on the Chris Matthews show?  Nothing good ever came of it.  Why do people have to go on the Bill Maher show?  Nothing good ever comes out of it.  They've got to be smarter.  They've got to know that going on Jon Stewart's show live is fine.  Going on it in a taped venue is disastrous, because they become the butt of the jokes.  They've got to learn how -- the basic media ins and outs.

Then they've got to work with the new media.  There's so many people who are still so resistant to the times, the blogosphere, the talk radio, so many different venues to go through.  CNS news, Breitbart, there's so many ways to communicate with the American people.  And you've got to use those avenues.  It's a lot more work.  But when you do it you will succeed in reaching the American public.  We don't need the old media, we need the new media.

MR. DRISCOLL:  This is Ed Driscoll for PJ Media.com, and we’ve been talking with Brent Bozell, the founder of the Media Research Center and the co-author, along with Tim Graham, of the new book Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election---and How to Stop Them from Doing It in 2016. It’s published by HarperCollins, and available from Amazon.com and your local bookstore.

And Brent, good luck with the new book, continued success with the Media Research Center, and thank you once again for stopping by today.

MR. BOZELL:  And thank you, Ed.  And thank you to PJ Media.

(End of recording; for our many previous podcasts, start here and keep scrolling.)

Transcribed by eScribers.net, with minor revisions (including hyperlinks) by Ed Driscoll. Artwork created using images by Shutterstock.com.