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Interview: Brent Bozell on Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election

MR. DRISCOLL:  Brent, what's your take on Romney's 47 percent quote and the MSM's attempt to turn it into a sort of campaign-ending super-gaffe?

MR. BOZELL: It was a gaffe.  It was not a super gaffe.  But if you're going to cover gaffes, then what happened to the response that the Romney campaign came out with, the taped statement of Barack Obama calling for the redistribution of wealth in America?  A tape that the Obama campaign and the White House both confirmed were something that Barack Obama had said.

What was the coverage there?  Which I think, by the way, is far more serious.  What was the coverage there?  Not only was it not covered, but NBC had the temerity to proclaim on national television that because that tape couldn't be confirmed or validated, they weren't going to cover it.  And I repeat, both the White House and the Obama campaign validated it.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Brent, Chapter Eight of Collusion is titled "The Fluff-My-Pillow Interview Tour." It's a great title, but what is it referring to?

MR. BOZELL:  Well, if you look at the media's coverage -- hard coverage of Obama in the campaign, the Obama people were very smart in the way they handled media relations.  They didn't present -- they didn't give anyone any opportunity to ask any tough questions.  The people that they chose for interviews were either entities that weren't news to begin with, i.e., entertainment shows that he did appearances on, or if they were me -- if they were news personalities, they were so much in the tank for him that he could go to them over and over and over and they would give him -- over and over and over again, they would give him the kind of puffball treatment that he wanted.

Brian Williams of NBC, is a classic example.  There wasn't a tough question anywhere all year long that he could ask Barack Obama.  Steve Kroft of CBS is another example, from 60 Minutes.  The reason the Obama people went to him over and over again, was because they knew he would never ask them a serious question.

Now just reverse it.  Think about Mitt Romney.  Think about the interviews he went through.  In one after another after another, they hit him and hit him and hit him.  Now, if you're going to do -- the only thing that -- what we should ask for is that they do one or the other, but they not have two standards for two parties.

MR. DRISCOLL:  As we're recording this interview, the trial of George Zimmerman is taking place. Could you talk a bit about how the MSM prepped the battlefield for Obama by nationalizing the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and creating characters for national media consumption such as Sandra Fluke?

MR. BOZELL:  Well, they -- they not only tried to nationalize it in Obama's case, just to make sure they were succeeding at it, they actually cheated and they lied.  And NBC doctored footage so that it would make it look like a racist attack on the part of George Zimmerman, who is now suing NBC for a big, big amount of money.  And should he be acquitted in this trial, as one thinks he might be, my guess is NBC is in a lot of trouble.

But this is their -- their attempts to use an event to turn it into a political gain.  Sandra Fluke was the exact same thing.

Look, the coverage of social issues was another abomination by the press in the 2012 elections.  They didn't -- they tried to run the same old canard that Republicans are anti-women.  But this time, it's taken the abortion thing -- they ran a whole campaign about how the Republican Party and conservatives were anti-contraception.  There wasn't a lick of evidence to back that statement up.  Not one lick of evidence.  And yet they repeated it over and over and over.

Why?  Because abortion is a hugely unpopular issue for democrats.  Contraception is a safe one.  So they made it up.