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Interview: George Gilder on Knowledge and Power

MR. DRISCOLL:  George, I wanted to ask you about one of your earlier books, and then we’ll start to wrap things up. Over 20 years ago you wrote Life After Television. Given how badly the TV industry is struggling against the Internet these days, how is the diagnosis you predicted back then shaping up?

MR. GILDER:  It's shaping up wonderfully.  You know, Life after Television really had an influence on this transition.  I mean Steve Jobs read it and handed it out to friends.  And Ari Emanuel, who's a friend of mine, believe it or not, and colleague in a business venture, read it, and it affected his future.

Many leaders in television have benefited from Life after Television.  It was one of my most influential and successful ideas. It predicted worldwide webs of glass and light before the worldwide web was coined.

MR. DRISCOLL:  George, last couple of questions. given the environmental obsessions of the Obama administration and its acolytes in states such as California, what is the future for an energy industry needed to power a -- hopefully! -- growing American economy?

MR. GILDER:  Well, I believe the energy crisis is over.  You know, in the last year, the Germans have just abandoned their alternative energy projects.  And Germany was the world leader in pioneering the subsidy programs that California and other American states and the federal government have emulated.

And after eighty billion dollars and tremendous mandates and subsidies in German, solar energy still supplies less than one percent of their total energy.  And they've now launched twenty-three new coal-fired plants.

So it's all over now.  And it's just a matter of getting these troglodytes out of government.  I mean, we have these people who would literally want to suppress energy production dominating our government today in the United States; and they just have to be thrown out.  They -- they're -- the -- you know, our government's been taken over by climate cranks and weather bores.  And it's just got to stop.

MR. DRISCOLL:  So in general, what is the prognosis of the author of Knowledge and Power, for the future of capitalism?

MR. GILDER:  I think it's great.  We've got more capitalists around the world than ever before in human history.  And they're going to -- going to lead the world into a new golden era of capitalism.  I hope the United States will turn around fast enough to join the party.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Well, I certainly hope you’re right. This has been Ed Driscoll for PJ Media.com, and we’ve been talking with George Gilder about his new book, Knowledge and Power: the Information Theory of Capitalism and how it is Revolutionizing our World. It’s published by Regnery, and available from Amazon.com and your local bookstore. And George, thank you once again for stopping by today.

MR. GILDER:  Thank you.  That was great.

(End of recording; for our many previous podcasts, start here and keep scrolling.)

Transcribed by eScribers.net, with minor revisions (including hyperlinks) by Ed Driscoll. Artwork created using images by Shutterstock.com.