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Floundering White House Praises 'Founding Founders'



But hey, look at it from the Obama White House's point of view. The Founding Founders produced a confusing document that's over 100 years old and that 21st century 'Progressives' (in thrall to a philosophy that's also over 100 years old) pay no attention to, when they're not outright calling for its demise:

Plus in a town that's so PC that homebuilders now eschew references to "The Master Bedroom," that whole "Fathers" thing is awfully sexist sounding, isn't it?

And besides, even Obama staffers don't want to risk having the IRS sicced on them by their boss for using the wrong language.

Update (10:56 PM PDT): Looks like enough reverse-Alinsky shaming by the Blogosphere and Twittersphere caused them to change it. Still, I suspect the "Founding Founders" malapropism will live on for quite some time.