Ed Driscoll

What Two American Presidents Think of Their Constituents

Now is the time when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

President Bush said Tuesday that he will not call on Americans to conserve gasoline despite the rising price of oil, saying consumers are “smart enough” to figure out for themselves that they should drive less.

“They’re smart enough to figure out whether they’re going to drive less or not. I mean, you know, it’s interesting what the price of gasoline has done,” Bush said at a news conference in the White House press room, “is it caused people to drive less. That’s why they want smaller cars: They want to conserve. But the consumer’s plenty bright. The marketplace works.”

“You noticed my statement yesterday, I talked about good conservation and — you know, people can figure out whether they need to drive more or less,” he said. “They can balance their own checkbooks.”

“It’s a little presumptuous on my part to dictate how consumers live their own lives,” the president added. “I’ve got faith in the American people.”

— “Bush won’t demand conservation,” by JournoList member Mike Allen of the Politico, July 15, 2008.

At a fundraiser last night in Chicago, President Barack Obama signaled that he’s interested in his legacy as a president and insisted that he’s willing to work with anyone.

“My only interest is making sure that when I look back 20 years from now, I say I accomplished everything that I could while I had this incredible privilege to advance the interests of the broadest number of Americans and to make sure that this country was stronger and more prosperous than it was when I came into office.  That’s my only interest,” the president said.

“And that means that I am willing to work with anybody — Republican, Democrat or independent — to get stuff done.  And I am not going to put the pause button on for the next year and a half or two years or whatever it is, simply to position myself for the next election.  If I’ve got a Republican who’s willing to work with me to rebuild our infrastructure, let’s go.  If I’ve got a Republican out there who’s willing to get serious about what we need to deal with our long-term deficit challenges, I’m prepared, come on, let’s talk.”

But Obama then suggested he’d draw the line at “climate change” deniers. “If I’ve got somebody who has a different approach to dealing with climate change — I don’t have much patience for people who deny climate change, but if you’ve got creative approaches, market-based approaches, tell me about them.  If you think I’m doing it the wrong way, let me know. I’m happy to work with you,” said Obama.

The fundraiser at a private residence was to support the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

— “Obama: ‘I Don’t Have Much Patience for People Who Deny Climate Change,'” as spotted yesterday by Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard. 

No wonder Mr. Obama appears to have little patience for himself:

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Especially since late last month, the “Joyrider-in-Chief and his SkyPrius” was the surprise winner in the competition to become “The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator:” 

Alas, once again I had to overlook the impressive carbonating feats of my readers to acknowledge someone who, despite not sending in an official entry, set an intergalactic standard for mindless, in-your-face fuel consumption. And once again that someone is President Obama, who becomes our first 2-time crown winner.

I realize this choice is not without controversy, and that some Earth Day Cruisers may be grumbling about the contest being rigged. But before you send those “I wuz robbed” complaint emails, ask yourself this: did you fly a private 747 round trip to Chicago to deliver a 600 word, 20 minute speech touting….

[wait for it]

energy conservation?

So to all you also-rans: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Heh. But Jim Treacher is curious as to what happens as a result of this week’s impasse:

With the exception of fellow “Progressive” and racialist Woodrow Wilson, has there ever been a president who has less patience for his constituents than BHO? It’s enough to make you wonder what he would be telling us if he really did drop the mask and went Full Bullworth, as he recently threatened.