Ed Driscoll

The Inevitable Rise of the Tsarnaev Truthers

On September 11th, 2001, I remember watching the horrors on TV with my wife and leaning over to say, “You know it’s only a matter of time before the conspiracy theories begin and somebody starts blaming this on the government.” When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon last Monday, the speed of social media meant that the conspiracies began near instantaneously. (“It’s a government false flag operation, maaaan!”)  Which naturally flows into this post from Neo-Neocon on “The Inevitable Rise of the Tsarnaev Truthers:”

It was a foregone conclusion that almost as soon as the bombing occurred and evidence began to churn out—and especially after the photos of the young and somewhat telegenic Dzhohkar were flashed around—a certain segment of people would begin (along with the Tsarnaev brothers’ parents, who at least have the excuse of being their parents) proclaiming the brothers’ innocence.

Sure! The Tsarnaevs were framed. Patsies! And all those people in the crowd with all those photos were part of the plot. As for the cop killing and the final shootout and all that—well, after all, wouldn’t anybody act that way?

Like the Soviet ambassador in Dr. Strangelove, their source was the New York Times. In more ways than one.

And note this:

I predict that there will soon be a market for T-shirts with Dzhohkar’s picture on them a la Che, if it’s not already happening.

Oh. I see that it’s already happening.

Will they buy the whole collection?

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