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Audio Interview: Monica Crowley (With Transcript)

MR. DRISCOLL:  If he were alive today, what do you imagine President Nixon would think about Barack Obama?

MS. CROWLEY:  I would think that Nixon would believe that Obama is a very dangerous character.  I also think Nixon would take a look at what this president is doing every single day in terms of shredding the Constitution, and look at Watergate and say, you know, what we did in Watergate, not to excuse it, but that's child's play compared to what Obama is doing to their Constitution every single day.

You know, Ed, when I was writing my book, I was going through sort of a day-by-day chronology of the Obama administration to put it all together.  And I would look at something and I would say, oh, my gosh, I forgot about this.  This is really crazy.  Let me type that up.  And then I'd go to the next day of the Obama presidency and say oh, my gosh, I forgot about this; this is crazy.

Everything from the big stuff like socialized medicine, which I still believe is unconstitutional, to the fact that one day he sent Hillary Clinton out to tell the world exactly how many nuclear weapons we have.  Every day there was some unconstitutional madness, leftist insanity, just pure far left craziness going on in this administration.

And I think Nixon would look at it and say what is going on in America?  This country is being hijacked by a far left unconstitutional agenda.  And I think, again, he would also reflect on Watergate, say, you know that, not to excuse it, like I said, but he would think that that was like tiddlywinks compared to what this president is doing in terms of upending the Constitution every single day.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Well, last couple of questions.  When Barack Obama departs the White House in early 2017, what sort of America will he leave behind?

MS. CROWLEY:  Assuming he does leave in 2017.  Yeah, I -- you know what?  I think the extent of the damage we don't even know yet.  I think we have a sense, Ed, of the extent of the damage, but we really have no idea the destruction that he has wrought and is wreaking on this country.

This is a man who spoke in 2008 about his dream of the fundamental transformation of the nation -- his words, not mine -- the fundamental transformation.  He also talked about remaking America -- again, his words, not mine.

And he would invoke the phrase "a more perfect union."  And you know, part of his genius four years ago was, in allowing those statements to kind of float out there on their own, and allowing the American people to hear those statements and assign to them their own meaning, what they thought he meant by those phrases.

What I argue in the book is, don't pay attention to what you think he meant.  Pay attention to what he meant by it.  Now we have four years of evidence as to what he meant by the fundamental transformation of the nation.  And that is he intends to change us and is changing us, very quickly, into a European-style socialist state.

The result of that is, as we see in Western Europe, after decades of socialism, we see stubbornly and permanently high unemployment.  We see sovereign debt crises that are imploding nations, if not the entire continent of Europe.  We see immigration policies out of control, where these nations have lost their very identities, because they have been overrun by all kinds of different ethnicities, including radical Muslims that have taken over a lot of these countries, or at least exerting a lot of influence there.

So you see the results that are absolutely devastating in Western Europe.  No economic growth.  We see that now here.  We have seen it.  All of those results of decades of socialism building up in Western Europe, that is imploding all of those once-great nations.  We see it happening here on a much more accelerated scale, because this economy is so much bigger, this country is so much bigger than any country in Western Europe.

So it's happening a lot faster here.  And when he leaves office, I do think that this country -- the tentacles of redistributionism that he has wrapped around every major pillar of this economy, from the industrial base, to the financial sector, to the energy sector to the healthcare sector, those tentacles will be wrapped so tightly after eight years, that it will be almost impossible to unwind without great, enormous economic pain and dislocation.  I think that's where we're heading.

So while people now are sort of enjoying, as you say -- as you said at the beginning of the interview, the Titanic ride, eventually the Titanic does hit the iceberg and the ship goes down.  So while people are kind of giddy about reelecting the first black president and they like him, and while they don't like the direction of the country, everything is still okay, eventually the laws of economics will kick in and we will have a very rude awakening indeed.