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Navy SEAL Who Wrote American Sniper Murdered at Charity Event in Texas

An article at the Daily Caller has more early details regarding Kyle's death:

Kyle, a former Navy SEAL sniper and author of the best-seller “American Sniper,” and a friend were found dead at the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range. According to WWFA-TV in Dallas, “Kyle was shot point-blank while helping another soldier who is recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome.”

* * * * * *

Jack Murphy at the Special Operations Forces Situation Report (SOFREP) published a post regarding the tragic murders on Saturday night, reading in part: “Chris had been volunteering his time to help Marine Corps veterans suffering from PTSD and mentoring them.  Part of this process involved taking these veterans to the range where one of them snapped and killed Chris and his neighbor for reasons that remain unknown at this time.  The perpetrator then stole Chris’ vehicle in an attempt to escape but we have received word that the police have arrested him.”

The Daily Caller adds that Kyle is survived by his wife and two children.

I have a very minor bit of a six degrees of separation connection regarding the location where Kyle was murdered, as Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas, about a two hour drive from Dallas, is the swanky upscale hunting lodge where my wife and I have vacationed once a year or so since 2004. (We were there for a couple of nights just before this past Christmas, in fact.) I even made a video about Rough Creek back in 2007, when I was still getting my Internet video chops together.

SooperMexican notes that the suspect had been reportedly arrested last month for DWI. But clearly he had planned to be at the event, given how far off the main road Rough Creek is located, and then how long of a drive it is from its entry road (County Road #2013) to the parking lot and main facilities compound.

In any case, as SooperMexican writes, "Whatever happened, may he rest in peace, and his murderer is caught quickly and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law."

Related: Journalist and political consultant David Forsmark reviewed Kyle's autobiography for PJM a year ago, and wrote at the time that it "may not be the best war memoir ever written, but it might be the most unapologetic since George S. Patton’s War as I Knew It." Looking back today retrospect, that's an unfortunate bit of synchronicity with another proud American warrior senselessly killed long before his time.

The Blaze features 10 of the best quotes from Kyle's book.