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CNN Rings in the New Year...

Meanwhile, regarding Piers Morgan, CNN's wannabe Bible amender and Constitutional scholar, Kathy Shaidle proffers "No Tears for Piers":

Shortly after Morgan joined CNN, fellow broadcaster Adam Carolla was asked to assess King’s replacement, whose new show was already faltering. Carolla’s instant-classic rant became a minor YouTube hit and is more entertaining than anything Morgan’s ever done.

Carolla bellowed:

Who’s Piers Morgan? We should’ve run you outta here….Who decided we had ‘Chubby-Guy-In-His-50s-From-England-Who-We’ve-Never-Heard-Of’ Fever?’

Carolla then served up an eerily prescient modest proposal that would likely attract far more than 100,000 signatures, not to mention rare bipartisan enthusiasm:

We need to send Ted Nugent to London to annoy them.

Carolla's comments about society's rampant malignant narcissism dovetail well not just with Morgan, but with last night's debacle at the network:

[embed width="350"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chDDJ2EolC0[/embed]

Update: Heh. Oh, and never let it be said that the struggling network is anathema to change; an experimental new content delivery system is demonstrated in the video below:

[embed width="350"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVE41Yh2rp4[/embed]

More: Matt Drudge has a little juxtaposing fun:

And here at PJM, Michael Walsh adds:

CNN should pay a high price for this little stunt, as indeed it’s already doing; were it not for its monopoly on airport TV screens and its dominance, via CNN International, of overseas hotel television, it might already be out of business.

Dr. Helen posited a related ethical dilemma recently:

I thought people were watching less TV, but maybe this is at home where they have the choice. Or are people just turning to other gadgets and devices to give them something to do constantly? Is it too much to ask just to be able to sit quietly, ride the treadmill without the mayhem, or just read or stare into space in a public place? Apparently so. I often think about getting one of those TV-B-Gone remote controls that allow me to turn those darn things off. They give me a headache.

Am I the only person left in America who doesn’t want a running negative news report everywhere I go?

Should you use TV-B-Gone yourself? Its use is doubleplusungood for Outer Party members, but officially sanctioned for the Inner Party. Crimethink accordingly.