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Was it Over When the Sulzbergers Bombed Pearl Harbor?

In the New York Sun's defense of "Murdoch's Israel Tweet" (read the whole thing), the Sun flashes back to this day of infamy from its crosstown rival:

People still talk about an editorial the Times issued in 1981, when Prime Minister Begin sent a flight of U.S.-made warplanes to destroy the atomic-bomb-making facility that Iraq was building at Baghdad. The Times’ editorial derided the action as a “sneak attack” and called the raid “an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression.” Years later, the Times’s former editor, Max Frankel, wrote in a memoir that the editorial was one of his “major mistakes.”

Or to put it another way, as this Photoshopped NYT front page, found via SDA, highlights, "If today's New York Times editors were in change in 1943..."

(You think they're kidding.)