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Soledad O'Brien's Progressive Nostalgia and the Collapse of CNN

In 2008, O'Brien was approvingly namechecked by Rev. Wright during his speech at the NAACP, which she in-turn praised on air as "a home run," only to see, in a maneuver straight out of the Ministry of Truth, Wright become buried by CNN a week later when he was declared an unperson by the Obama campaign. The network would go on to bake a cake on-air to celebrate the first year of the Obama “stimulus.” Earlier this year O'Brien and Piers Mogran did an on-air Obama “fist bump” with singer Roberta Flack during Whitney Houston’s funeral.

A month later, O'Brien defended the “critical race theory” espoused by Obama mentor Derrick Bell and attempted to portray Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com as a racist. Which must have come as quite a shock to Pollak's wife:

All of which would be just another day at the office for MSNBC or Current TV, where the stock-in-trade is leftist agitprop. But seems a little -- hmm, what's the word? -- biased -- yes, that's it! -- for a network that claims to be objective.

Beyond all of that, O'Brien has been on the air for over 20 years now, at first NBC, then the nascent MSNBC, and then CNN. How do you cover politics professionally and yet pretend that you're so naive you haven't formed opinions, both pro and con, about the people and ideologies you cover?

It's a sham -- we know it, she knows it, and her bosses know it. But the network heads at Fox and MSNBC are at least smart enough to know that it's an outdated sham. Which is why they've outflanked CNN and left it in the dust.

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