@Instapundit on Twitter Mark II is Born, Thanks to Your Help

Yes, @instapundit is back online at Twitter.

Well, that was fun. After being offline for several months, and after no word from Twitter after Nina first contacted them in early July, Instapundit on Twitter is back. Thank you all for your help in getting Glenn Reynolds’ Twitter feed returned to his control. The RSS feed appears to working, and once Glenn unleashes his usual deluge of new blog posts in earnest tomorrow morning, they should begin to automatically appear on Twitter as well.


At least, that’s the plan. In the meantime, a big thank you from Nina and I for your help retweeting her post at the Tatler, and in getting the word to Twitter.

NOTE: If you were following Glenn on Twitter before, you’ll need to refollow his account. We have the user name back, but we weren’t able to recover the account’s followers list.


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