Can the MSM be Sued for Whiplash?

Naturally, the rules of the past two years are quickly discarded, as Rich Noyes and Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center write today in the Wall Street Journal:

After Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and severely wounded in January by a psychotic man unconnected to the Tea Party or any other political cause, the networks highlighted Palin's map in 24 stories in just the first six days. "That map Sarah Palin put up on Facebook last year, targeting Congresswoman Gifford's seat, made Gifford nervous, even then," NBC's Lee Cowan scolded on Today back on January 10.

Even the most timeworn chants seemed to outrage journalists when it came to the Tea Party. Back in March, CBS's Bob Schieffer was appalled by, among other things, anti-ObamaCare protesters chanting "kill the bill." He lectured on the March 21, 2010 Face the Nation: "A year-long debate that's been rancorous and mean from the start turned even nastier yesterday. Demonstrators protesting the bill poured into the halls of Congress shouting 'kill the bill' and 'made in the USSR.'"

This weekend in Wisconsin, protesters also chanted "kill the bill" (CBS's The Early Show ran a clip on Friday) but on this Sunday's Face the Nation, Schieffer had no negative words for these protesters as he set up a discussion of the issue: "Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets again in Madison, Wisconsin as they marched to protest major cuts in state spending. The question is, will the protests spread to other states where similar proposals to cut spending are also being contemplated?"

When it comes to the Tea Party, network correspondents seem to enjoy playing "civility cop," emphasizing a few radical and inflammatory signs in ways that imply that the entire cause is extreme. Radical and inflammatory signs were easily found at the Wisconsin protests, but the networks uttered not one peep of disapproval — overwhelming evidence of a double standard that should embarrass any network journalist who still purports to be fair and balanced.

Are any of those left? Or to put it another way, are any of those left on the left?

Meanwhile, I Hate the Media has a nifty video round-up of "Hypocrisy on steroids: What liberals said then vs. what liberals say now" in Wisconsin:

And in New Jersey, Chris Christie is compared to Qaddafi:

Not quite -- want to see real martyrdom? Images coming back from those with flip-cams in Libya are rather different than those with video cameras in Trenton: "BREAKING: Camera man recording footage is shot and killed." (Let that headline serve as your content warning before clicking over.)

On her Website, Michelle Malkin rounds up the "Hate-a-rama: The vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic rage of the Left," and then provides a nice litmus test for the MSM:

Media double standard test: Compare how much space and air this one dumb question gets versus the litany of incidents in my column.

But then, the MSM flunked that test long before the bell rang.

And with this, the circle seems oddly complete: "Protesters at the Wisconsin Capitol disrespectfully have taped signs on and piled junk against the Veterans Memorial."