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The Death Rattles of the Himalayan Yeti

Legendary Christmas balladeer Mark Steyn.

Legendary mohel Ed Ames.

The Bard of Jasperwood – or “that nice Mr. Lilac,” as my mom calls him, from hearing James on PJM’s XM radio show.

Jonah Goldberg.

Victor Davis Hanson. (This photo isn't blurry -- everybody looked like this by the end of the day.)

Andrew Klavan.

A look down into the Lido deck of the M/S Eurodam with San Juan, Puerto Rico in the background. When occasional rain struck, the dome above the pool could be retracted.  The rubber wheels rolling, retracting the canopy on the pool sounds like something akin to the death rattle of a Himalayan yeti in his final moments. Still though, it beats getting rained on while you're in the pool.

The view from our Cabana on Half Moon Key, a private island owned by Holland-America:

This being the National Review Cruise, that's our ship on the far right, appropriately enough.

On the Holland-America ships, they helpfully provide a reminder of what day it is in the elevator. This is the calendrical apogee; these reminders begin to get a bit depressing when it ticks down to Thursday...Friday...