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I Question the Timing—No, Actually, I Love It

This clip is apparently twenty years old, but the timing couldn't be better. During a period when the left has decided to jettison reality and hermetically seal themselves up somewhere between 1968 and 1972, Herman Cain takes their most revered gnostic anthem, turns it on its head, and completely takes the mickey out of it, proving some much needed comic relief during the Obama's administration's long slog into the dustbin of history:

As Allahpundit writes, "Watching it, two things are clear. One: Lennon’s ode to possessions-less brotherhood actually makes a hell of a corporate jingle. [No shocker there -- Ed] And two: The inauguration ball is going to be amazing."

A new poll shows Cain beating Obama by two points.

And that was before this awesomely awesome moment. Rock on, Mr. Cain -- Rock On.