'Something Very, Very Weird is Going on in Washington'

Update: "Say what you want about Sarah Palin quitting her job, but at least she finished her own press conference," Jim Treacher quips, asking, "Did Obama just quit?"

Guestblogging at Michelle Malkin's Website, Doug Powers writes, "Clinton Takes Charge; Obama Takes a Powder:"

After the 2008 media deification of Barack Obama, that was like watching somebody who was billed as Zeus getting into a fight and responding by hiding behind his dad.

And what’s with leaving Clinton alone with the press corps under these conditions? A bigger mistake hasn’t been made since Eddie Fisher agreed to let Elizabeth Taylor share a makeup trailer with Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra.

I always thought a “Hillary 2012″ challenge was possible — I just didn’t think Obama would help usher it in so agreeably.

And this doesn't seem to be one of those moments where the right is horrified but the left is in awe, as these two quotes from center left sites rounded up Allahpundit highlight:

Here’s a new lowlight reel of the presser from Mediaite, which calls this “one of the worst PR moves in the entirety of the administration.” Exit quotation via Michael Scherer at Time, who might be joking about Clinton’s famous verbosity — or might not be: “Count this among the greatest miscalculations of President Obama’s career: ‘I’m going to let him speak very briefly,’ Obama said Friday, upon introducing Bill Clinton in the White House briefing room for his triumphant, self-adulating return.”

And as Allah adds, even Obama's inner circle were equally baffled by The One's actions today.

Update: As always, Iowahawk makes sense of a seemingly complex and multifaceted existential crisis in our nation's capitol.

Update: Or, as I wrote in November of 2008 when I originally linked to the above post, "Life (As Always) Imitates Iowahawk" -- I only just now realized, after first seeing it on Friday night at Instapundit (on airborne wi-fi while flying back from the east coast), that Iowahawk's post was from two years ago, thus making Mr. Burge one of the few satirists to, if not best Mr. Muggeridge's Law, at least give it one heck of a head start.

And found via the Anchoress, the headline on this November 2000 Onion article was rather prophetic as well.