Ed Driscoll

Finally: The Maureen Dowd Comic Book

Gray Lady Down? No! Gray Lady Up, Up, and Away!

Who’s up for a Maureen Dowd comic book? And no, we don’t mean the tone of her op-ed columns. James Taranto spots this, as Allapundit would say, awesomely awesome Gawker item, and writes:

The New York Times doesn’t have comics, but now you can see Maureen Dowd in the funny papers. “The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd (A Word [sic] of Fiction and Satire) will either be a great or terrible conversation piece at the company Christmas party,” reports Gawker.com.

The comic depicts Dowd, who turns 59 next month, as a bikini-clad superheroine. Sitting at her kitchen stool, she ponders the Valerie Plame kerfuffle while planning out her day: “–I already have a dinner date with none other than George Clooney!!! It’s our third date and I have a feeling tonight is the night!! But first I have to meet my good friend and fellow columnist, Tom Friedman, for brunch!!”

Friedman offers her reporting tips: “Scooter Libby, Cheney’s right hand man, is going to be at a cocktail-party fundraiser for teaching creationism in public schools. . . . He always did have a thing for you. . . . Just make sure you use some of those sultry talents of yours and he won’t stand a chance!!”

“Tom, you’re so bad!!” she replies. At least she’s got that right!

As Taranto writes of our Dowdifying heroine, she’s certainly “Able to Leap Long Sentences in a Single Ellipsis.”