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Robin, It's Commissioner Gibbs On The Barackphone!

As Hot Air notes, linking to this Politico article,“Gibbs: We’ve called out MSNBC behind the scenes:”

“I don’t think many people have to watch Fox to understand the—the political slant that they have,” Gibbs said. “They’re feeding an audience that they know want to see and hear a certain side of that argument.”

He cited the president’s sit-down with Fox News’s Bret Baier just before the health care vote as an example of the conservative-leaning outlet attempting to push an agenda.

“I think the uniqueness of having an interview with the president is getting a chance to sit as close as we are and getting that insight,” Gibbs told Kurtz. “I don’t think historians will look back on that interview and think, ‘Boy, we really got a sense of what the president was thinking right before such a historic achievement.’”

Gibbs said the administration has also called out MSNBC hosts behind the scenes, and that the cable news format “where people yell at each other, I’m not entirely sure what that does for people that watch. Maybe that’s why quite frankly less people are watching.”

They’ve also called out MSNBC hosts while they’re on the air as well. But then, as the Rhetorican posits (be sure to follow the links), the White House may simply want to ensure they’re getting the most from their investment:

MSNBC reporters sure love Obama…but — in a way — they are bought and paid for.Which takes me back to the parallels I and others have drawn in the past between this White House and the fictional Corleone family: “And we have newspaper cable news people on the payroll, don’t we, Tom?”

H/T: The Cable Game

And speaking of close coordination between Democrats and the state-run media, Glenn Reynolds reprints a 1995 Virginia Postrel article that could easily have been written today.

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